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    one stop shop philosophy

ONE STOP SHOP philosophy suggests that at KompAni we have developed a large scale of services to meet all of the client’s needs, by closely focusing and specialising into the specific fields of broadcasting.

For client’s satisfaction is not only our aim, but a creative challenge, we see client’s objectives as a mission and devote ourselves fully to its accomplishment.

Whatever your needs, objectives or desires you can be sure that KompAni will find the best solution for them.

KompAni Production
emotion & emancipation
  • TV production

  • TV design

  • video production

  • video editing & postproduction

  • development

  • audio production

  • animation

  • multimedia

  • print

  • Kompani digiTV
    technology & expertise & innovation
  • system integration

  • software engineering

  • supply of equipment of leading world software and hardware manufacturers

  • turn key solutions for TV systems

  • design and engineering of new TV centres, studios, continuity, newsrooms, archives, etc.

  • installation and commissioning of audio visual facilities

  • consulting and engineering services for broadcast, satellite and cable television stations and operators

  • development of specialised software for broadcasting operations

  • web development

  • maintenance & technical support

  • on demand training and education

  • KompAni Advertising
    communication & creativity & understanding
  • research & analysis

  • consulting

  • brand management

  • creative strategy and solutions

  • TV, radio, press, outdoor and Internet advertising

  • design and Web design

  • promotions

  • direct marketing

  • business-to-business

  • public relations

  • media relations

  • m a s s     m e d i a
    experience & solutions
  • Media buying

  • Media planning

  • Media: TV, radio, press, Internet, OOH

  • C.U.M. (creative-use-of-media)

  • e n e r g i a
    creativity & innovation
  • Music publishing

  • Video & TV publishing

  • Film publishing

  • Literature publishing

  • Contact

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